pabna polytechnic institute
pabna, bangladesh

Department of Electrical

Department Overview

Electrical Engineering Technology is designed trained students to become certified Electrical Engineering Technologists who can work efficiently in grid substation, power plants distribution and electrical control system in industry and domestic purpose. The program offers a high level course of study that enables the students in electrical related areas. This program is integrated under Bangladesh technical Education Board (BTEB). It offers full time four year program. Each academic year is divided into two semesters and each semester consists of 16 weeks.

Department Mission

The department of Electrical Technology set the mission as to provide efficient workforce who can work efficiently in different electrical related places and can communicate with low level workforce and with professional that can improve the socioeconomic condition of the country.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates with a broad and fundamental technical base will be able to enter the professional civil engineering work force either with a BS to develop specialized expertise by way of apprenticeship or through the increasingly common path of a specialized MS.

Graduates with a firm foundation in the basic math, science, and engineering science which underlie all technological development will be well equipped to adapt to changing technology in the profession.

Graduates equipped with a broad technical background will be able to follow other technical or non-technical career paths.

Graduates will practice their profession with effective writing and communication skills, with professional ethics, as well as with awareness of societal issues.

Student Outcomes

Enable the trained student to apply knowledge of mathematics including applied mathematics, science, electrical technology and engineering as it applies to electrical engineering.

Enhance ability to communicate with the staffs and high officials.

To develop ability to work individually as a member of responsible functions on multi-disciplinary teams.

To develop leadership

An understanding of professional, legal and ethical issues and responsibilities.

Ability shows the understanding of impact of engineering solutions in a global on the society, economic and environmental.

An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary to electrical engineering practice.

An ability to recognize the importance of professional development by pursuing graduate studies or face competitive examinations that offer challenging and rewarding careers in competitive job market.