pabna polytechnic institute
pabna, bangladesh

Department of Mechanical

Department Overview

Mechanical Technology is one of the oldest and largest disciplines of study at Pabna Polytechnic Institute. The Technology has been one of the most prestigious technologies of Pabna Polytechnic Institute from the beginning. The four year Diploma in engineering program was started in 1962. So far the Technology has awarded to Diploma in Mechanical Engineering persons and Short Training Persons. Mechanical Engineering is generally understood to emphasize on forces, motion, materials and mechanics to design and engines as well as the creation of processes and systems that drive technology and industry. The Diploma in Engineering programs provide excellent technical background for persons who want to work in Production, Maintenance and other multidisciplinary professions where a good understanding of technology is often very important. So, welcome to the technology of Mechanical Engineering at Pabna Polytechnic Institute. We are proud to say that, educational and industrial services. So that says our excellences are our strength.

Department Mission

To educate students in the field of engineering to contribute to the advancement the knowledge that will best serve the nation and the world as well.To create and sustain a dynamic and supportive learning environment of educational technology.Generate skilled and quality manpower in order to achieve knowledge and technology based society.Arrange seminars, conferences, workshops and training for teachers and staffs.

Program Educational Objectives

Offer quality in the field of Engineering.

Fastening the best professional competence by integrating teaching that with the real world problem.

Developing and conducting course appropriate to the local requirement aimed at continuing professional development

Developing close collaboration with industries.

Anticipating the technological needs for Bangladesh and to contribute to the overall national development.

Student Outcomes

Ability to knowledge about fundamental of Mechanical Engineering fields.

Ability to apply techniques, skill and modern technology.

To serve as a valuable resource for industry and society.

Ability to Quality control, improved and Manpower utilization,

Ability to communicated effectively written reports.

Able to take decision after diagnosis the problem and that solve.

All over ready to accept any responsibility to his fields.

To be a centre of excellence for the outreach program with home and abroad and maintain continuity the strength of technical, economical and social advancement.