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Pabna Polytechnic Institute

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Pabna Polytechnic Institute is a historical polytechnic institute which has a long past. This institute is playing a vital role in tech education sector of Bangladesh which runs under Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Its history begins in 1924 when the Landlord of Trash Mr. Shri Banomali Roy founded a technical school at the right side of the Nagarabari highway in Pabna named “BL Eliot Technical School”. In the decade of 1960’s, Government of East Pakistan established many Polytechnic Institute in different district of East Pakistan under Five-Year Plan. As part of the plan in 1962 that technical school becomes “Pabna Polytechnic Institute”.

In 10 January 1970, Dr. Waker Ahmed Director (Technical Education) founded the construction work of the Pabna Polytechnic Institute in a new quiet pleasant environment area of about 30 acres of land beside the north-east corner of Edward University College. After finishing the construction work academic activities begin with three technologies Civil, Mechanical and Power in the new campus in 1978.

In 1980 one new technology named Electrical was introduced in the polytechnic institute. In twentieth century the polytechnic introduced three new technology named Computer, Construction and Environmental Technology to meet the requirement of job market. Now-a-days the institute is running two shifts to meet the stress to study there. Each year about 768 students are admitting in the institute to study tech education that plays a vital role in tech job market and in higher education both in home and abroad after passing from the institute.